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Adventure Kayaking Tour

Take a trip to the heart of Guam's Southern Tropical Paradise and enjoy a guided tour on one of the island's only navigable rivers. The tour takes you to an ancient cultural site with thousands of years of history, treats you to some of the island's best Fiesta Style BBQ Plates, and immerses you in the culture, beauty, and history of Guam.
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Piti Bay Snorkeling Tour

This Eco Snorkeling takes you to the ultimate with a quality experience that brings you up close and personal with some of the most amazingly colorful fish in the sea.

Adventure River Cruise

One of Guam's most popular tours that's perfect for the entire family! Guests are transported over the Talo'fo'fo and Ugum rivers as they are tranpsported to an ancient land with over 4,000 years of history. Tours include a Fiesta Style BBQ Lunch Plate, a Botanical Garden Tour, Animal Sanctuary visit, and more.
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Island Costume & Coconut Experience

Photographic experience featuring the many uses of the coconut & dressing in island-wear at the Fish Eye Garden

Observatory & Coconut Experience

The Fish Eye Marine Park Underwater Observatory is the only one of its kind in Micronesia. See the ocean's amazing diversity in the coral structures and as beautiful tropical fish swim by the undersea viewing windows.

Dolphin Watching Cruise

The trip takes viewers along Guam’s beautiful coast in search of the dolphin pod. Once we find their spot for that day, we carefully observe as they swim at our bow, surface for air, and play.

Skydive Guam

Skydive offers you spectacular ways to enjoy your trip to Guam. Tandem Skydiving, the best skydiving experience for beginners. Excited to take the leap into a new level of adventure? Book your Skydive experience now!

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Things to do on Guam Klick Discover
Things to do on Guam Klick Discover

Best places for Shopping

Valley of the Latte

The place chosen by the people of Guam to preserve, celebrate, share the culture and history of the island with guests of all ages.


Klick Discover

Because when you arrive on the tropical island paradise of Guam, you’ll enjoy the perfect guide for the best experiences. From the best hotels, perfect tours, fun activities, and great eats, Klick Discover connects you with the very best. We work to serve the military community and its members and partner with the Guam USO.

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Whether you’re curious about a tour, looking for some booking support, or just wanting to share a great comment or part of your story, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

As Klick Discover works to provide special rates and benefits at Guam’s best hotels, restaurants, tours, and more for service members, their families, and the guests of the USO, all will be required to show a valid military ID upon check-in to avail of the special rates and benefits. If guests are not able to provide a valid military ID, then guests will have to pay the general prices/rates set by each participating vendor.

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