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The Top 5 Things to Do in Guam

Kayaking in Guam

We offer this list to the adventure traveler, the relaxation guru, the family of 4, the independent and intrepid wanderer, and to you. As such, we provide our list of the top 5 things to do in Guam, in no particular order because if you love to relax on the beach, then diving into an untouched WWII wreckage at the bottom of the ocean, just might not crack your top 20.

So come to Guam, explore every corner, and enjoy a truly unique paradise.

white sand beaches

The White Sand Beaches & new levels of relaxation:

Although we know how different everyone is, we might make the one assumption that if you are traveling to a tropical paradise in the middle of the sea, maybe…just maybe, one of your top priorities is to dig your toes into white sand beaches, sip on a cold refreshing adult beverage, take in the sounds of calm waves, and enjoy the warm tropical climate. 

If this seems like a stop on your life’s journey, then Guam is your jackpot. White sand beaches, secluded getaways at the end of short (or long) hikes, the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world, and a tourist district to rival Waikiki await to turn your everyday dream into a daily reality.

We have our list of beaches > Top 5 Best | Some of the Honorable Mentioned | A Full List of Beaches.

If your version of relaxation involves a Spa day or maybe a more balanced and centering experience, then we offer you: Spa Ayaluam for those who love a good seaweed wrap and the Ina Wellness Collective for all you yogis.

Take a Hike! Our Top 5 Hiking Trips on Guam

Weekend Warriors who love a challenge

On Guam, you have the perfect playground to explore the world’s largest change in elevation, hike down a lush tropical forest to an old Spanish Era bridge before making your way up 7 waterfalls, or visit WWII wrecks left untouched under the waves.

There are currently 27 dive sites listed around Guam, of which 10 are Wreck dives, 9 are Reef dives and 7 are Drift dives. Visit a list here. 

Or maybe life’s pushed you to the point where you just got to TAKE A HIKE!    Seriously, get out of here, there’s a great hike that takes you over red mountains, past WWII tanks, and deep into a lush oasis complete with a waterfall you can jump off of!

Or simply take one beautiful morning (to catch the sunrise) or one adventurous evening (sunsets and headlamps) to Mount Lamlam. The summit of Mount Lamlam on Guam is 11,377 meters (37,326 ft) above the Challenger Deep

The Elevation Change of Mount Everest’s peak at its highest altitude above mean sea level is ONLY 29,029 feet [8,848 meters].

Fort soledad guam

For the "Buff" ones. Culture buffs, history buffs, you know the buff ones.

Who has controlled Guam’s fate throughout its history? The island of Guam has a long and complicated history. It was first discovered by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, who claimed it for Spain. After Spain, Guam changed hands between other foreign powers including the United States, Japan, and Germany before becoming a U.S Territory after World War II. Throughout these changes in ownership, the Chamorro people of Guam have maintained their cultural and historical identity as well as their own unique language. 

When you come to Guam, you’ll be able to see and experience a culture that has existed for over 4,000 years and traveled across the oceans before Stonehenge was built, step inside WWII Japanese Bunkers and Tunnels, Scuba Dive to WWII Wrecks, and stop by many parks, museums, and beaches that all tell stories of this complicated past.

If you want to see, feel, and experience the island’s unique culture that has withstood the test of time and the changing winds of global powers, then you have to visit the Valley of the Latte. 

Kayaking in Guam

The "TOUR"ists

When traveling to unknown parts of the world, it does help to take some guided tours or have a trusted, helping, and hopefully funny new friend to help you explore the places you would otherwise not see. 

Beyond the aforementioned Valley of the Latte, Guam has a countless number of tours for you to hop on and explore the island. Dolphin-watching cruises, cultural dinner shows, Jet Ski and watersport adventures, late-night shows filled with magic, and even a tandem jump from 8,000 feet high, there are so many things to keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat. 

For Dolphin-watching cruises, cultural dinner shows, and underwater observatories > Head to FishEye Marine Park

For a tandem sky high adventure > Sky Dive Guam

For an Adventure River Cruise, Kayaking, or Paddle Boarding Tour to an ancient world, complete with Fiesta Style BBQ Plate > Visit the Valley of the Latte. 

Puntan Dos Amantes is Guam’s most famous visitor attraction.

The Romantics

What spells ROMANCE better than an ancient  Guam folktale that tells of how two lovers who were not allowed to be together by society tied their hair and leapt to their deaths from Puntas Dos Amantes rather than be apart. 

We are not sure, but this is one of Guam’s most visited attractions that has a view to make your heart leap a beat and surely provide a view that will take your breath away.

Then it’s on to one of everyone’s favorite pastimes! Eating delicious foods from all over the Pacific. From amazing steakhouse and fine dining experiences to rocking starts to the night, you can check out menus, make reservations, and head out for an all-day lunch, a late-night bite, or a seaside BBQ. 

Restaurants Page HERE!

The top things to do in Guam include exploring the island’s rich culture, visiting historical sites, sampling delicious local cuisine, and relaxing on some of Guam’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you’re looking for adventure or a laid-back staycation, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this tropical paradise. Discover the ancient Chamorro villages, explore coral reefs teeming with marine life, and wander through picturesque towns. Enjoy delicious seafood dishes and traditional island cuisine, or take a boat ride to one of the surrounding islands for an unforgettable experience. From spectacular historical sites to breathtaking beaches, Guam is an incredible destination that you won’t soon forget. So come explore this beautiful island and all its wonders!

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