Eco Snorkeling & Dolphin Watching with Lunch

Join in our eco snorkeling tour and see the great fish diversity at Piti Bay, Guam’s most famous and popular marine preserve.

This Eco Snorkeling takes you to the ultimate with a quality experience that brings you up close and personal with some of the most amazingly colorful fish in the sea. There is an undulating seascape in the snorkeling area making it a home to over 200 species of fish. Access is amazingly convenient, simply walk on the sea bridge and down the steps to the site. The dazzling, azure waters of Piti Bay are waiting for you.

  • With Dolphin Watching & Lunch #2 8:50 – 13:10 #2 9:50 – 14:10
  • Open 7 days


Sold By: Fish Eye Marine Park Guam


Activity Highlights
  • This is an escorted safe snorkeling experience with proper guides and equipment.
  • Discover an amazing seascape at one of Guam’s nicest reefs.
  • All snorkeling equipment (Life jacket, mask, snorkel, and fins) are free of charge.
  • Have a fine repast with the full spread of a delicious lunch buffet including local favorite Grilled “Teriyaki” Chicken, Steamed fish with ginger sauce, and Chef’s special curry (Option)
  • Enjoy a convenient transfer service to and from your hotel (Option).

Private Course

  • Recommended for customers who want to avoid crowds.
  • Great for family & friends with a fixed group price for up to 6 persons.
  • Charter plan escorted by a private guide.
  • Free rental of one GoPro camera (underwater camera) per group.


  •   Open 7 days a week
  • Free Cancellation – 48 hours’ notice
  •   Duration – 2 hours to 5 hours
  •   Show Mobile or Printed Voucher
  •   English
  •   Single participant – Welcome
  •   Join in Group (6 to 28 participants)
  •   Hotel Transfer – Optional

Private Course

  •   Good for avoiding crowds
  •   Enjoy an exclusive time with your friends & family


Additional information

Eco Snorkeling Tour (Standard)

Standard Course (#2 10:20 – 12:10), Standard Course (#3 11:20 – 13:10), With Lunch (#2 10:20 – 13:10), With Lunch (#3 11:20 – 14:10), With Dolphin Watching & Lunch (#1 8:50 – 13:10), With Dolphin Watching & Lunch (#2 9:50 – 14:10)


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