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Private Coaching

The 4-Month Recharge

A custom 1:1 program to design an intentional lifestyle and activate an empowered mindset



• Transform your lifestyle, and want guidance on where to begin

• Create consistent and sustainable long term healthy habits

• Break the cycle of feeling tired and shift towards feeling energized, motivated and inspired

• Prioritize elevating your mindset just as much as your physical well-being

• Set big wellness goals and receive personalized support and accountability


 • Know simple tools to nourish your body through food, movement and self-care practices

• Understand what motivates you and effective techniques to make healthy habits finally stick

• Feel confident in not just knowing WHAT to do for your well-being but also HOW to set yourself up for success

• Feel empowered in your mindset so you can identify and shift any self-sabotaging patterns

• Receive a wide range of knowledge, tools and inspiration on habits and holistic wellness to support you well beyond the program



12x 60-minute 1:1 coaching video calls (3 sessions per month)

A personalized program progress tracker

1:1 coaching support in between sessions through Whatsapp

A private Coaching Hub filled with articles, videos, worksheets, recipes & more!

A special welcome gift

The Approach

Our signature 1:1 program creates a highly personalized 4-month coaching experience focused sustainable lifestyle habits and personal growth.




We start off by diving deep into the current state of your holistic health, your habits, and what’s driving you to make a change. We’ll start to make actionable (and enjoyable!) adjustments with opportunities to reflect and celebrate progress along the way.




In the next phase, we jump-start healthy habits and intentional choices into your everyday routines. We’ll focus on nourishment, movement, relationships & self-care as our core lifestyle pillars, and create a system for ongoing accountability.




The final phase of the program is dedicated to integration. Through a holistic approach to well-being and ongoing mindset exercises, we’ll set you up to end the program feeling confident and inspired to continue on your wellness journey.

The Investment


4 payments of $788*
*First payment due upon registration. Remaining payments due on the 1st of month for 3 consecutive months.



$2888 pay in full
(Savings of $264)

Note: Outside of the custom 1:1 sessions, this program is an investment in an overall lifestyle transformation including mindset shifts, integration of healthy habits, and resources you can use well beyond the 4 months!

Discount available for Ina Wellness members, Paradise Fitness members, TakeCare Insurance members, students, client referrals & returning clients.

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  • Enrollment for our 1:1 4-Month Recharge opens 2x per year. Our next program will begin in January 2023. You can apply now!

  • Once we receive your application, we’ll setup a 30-minute consultation call with you to discuss your goals in depth, health history and go over any questions.

  • Once your spot is secured, we’ll send over a welcome guide and some pre-work to help you get prepared for the program.

  • As we get closer, we’ll set up all coaching sessions on the calendar and share your custom program tracker.




Livia is a women’s holistic health coach and founder of Ina Wellness Collective Guam. Her coaching style is focused on creating an open and supportive space for personal growth and transformation while helping to hold you accountable each step of the way. Livia’s signature women’s coaching programs are offered in an environment designed to reset, recharge & reconnect to the soul. She was recently voted Pacific Daily News ‘Pika’s Best’ Health Coach for 2022.


“I signed up for the program wanting to feel more energized and excited for my days while being able to balance school, work, and taking care of myself (mind, body, spirit). My goals were to walk out of this program feeling like I have it all together, being able to be productive, but still find time to take care of my well being. This program did that and more! Not only am I prioritizing my health, but I have also thrown out all those limiting beliefs that prevent me from being the best version of myself. I’m so grateful for this program and Liv for rooting for my growth throughout the whole journey, for also motivating me and encouraging me on the days when it got tough. I recommend this program because Liv is so understanding, flexible, compassionate and is the best coach you could ever get on Guahan or else where!”

— Chauntae

“Livia’s coaching and support during my first program in 2021 got me through the toughest year of my life. My goals back then were focused on making me stronger for others in my life, but this year, I shifted the focus to me, and I knew that I needed her to get there. Given this was my 2nd program with Livia, she allowed me to decide how I wanted this program to go from the start. I developed stable daily habits through habit tracking and stacking, learned how to communicate my needs clearly and effectively with both my family, friends and company and mastered how to manage stress through breath work, meditation and letting go. Everyone could use Livia in their corner no matter what walks of life they’re on. If you want to reach your fullest potential, she has the tools to help you tap into your WHOLE potential first. More so, Livia has the heart and strength to help you go where many fear – within. That is just the very beginning, and she’ll prove why it’s a very good place to start. Ultimately, I know and trust myself more than I had prior, and I now have my own manual to live my life holistically.”

— Dominique

“6 months ago, I was entering a totally new chapter in Life: I got married, moved back home, settled into a family member’s house, and started a new business. There was so much change that I was drowning to figure out how to navigate it all without tearing my hair out! I needed help, and I wanted to feel strong and clear about the new path I was heading towards. At first, I wanted to focus on building habits that I had neglected, like getting back into healthy eating, starting a movement routine. I knew that Liv took a holistic approach to wellness, but I was mainly focused on how I could start feeling good in my own body. As a result of the whole program, I went through a radical mindset shift. At first it was my approach to diet moving from being restrictive to intuitive, then my approach to social relationships shifted from desperately wanting to build new friendships to leaning into self as my own friend. It seemed that the program helped me to exit the frenzied panic mode into a state of acceptance and deep trust in myself. I think that’s incredibly powerful- to gift myself with the tools to navigate all of Life’s crazy turns instead of dropping a one-time solution in front of me. Coming from a place of no support, no one in my corner advocating for or pushing me towards growing into a healthier version of myself, Liv was the perfect person to be my personal pocket cheerleader on this journey. Meeting with someone every week to really talk about the challenges and brainstorm solutions is an invaluable experience that you can only really find in friendship. Liv’s support on this journey was more than just someone “doing the job”; she approached me with sincere empathy and kindness to meet me where I was at and encouraged me to stride towards where I never thought I would end up. I would recommend someone to join this program if they’re feeling lost or defeated with how to balance all the curveball Life throws at us. This is the perfect program to help you establish clear goals, build personalized strategies to achieve those goals, create mindset shifts to make these changes long lasting, and overall- to step into your biggest and best self.”

— Jasmine

“After what felt like so many years of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders in the fast lane, I was starting to recognize that no matter what I was doing, I was constantly tired and riding rollercoasters with my energy. It was through Liv’s public talks that I understood that I was allowing “excuses” to take priority over every signal to SLOW DOWN and evaluate how I was taking care of myself. It was that spark of epiphany in the middle of huge life transitions that pushed me to jump on the opportunity with her coaching program, hoping that it would help me navigate my inability to recharge. Before the program, I always felt like I was hitting targets with being self-aware, but I didn’t expect that I would learn otherwise ~ learning and unlearning limiting beliefs and ideas; looking at wins differently; seeing the ripple effect of habit-stacking; designing a strategic lifestyle that applies to me; identifying gaps & roots of my energy issues; and gaining the tools to reconnect to my soul in the way that I deserve. This program walked me into a holistic reset, allowed for self-discovery, has me now moving differently embracing new territory, and embodying self-preservation as Ritual. Liv’s support each week, reflected back the courage I feel we all have to hold that step and gave me a newer, fresher respect on self-accountability. It was what I was desperately needing and I highly recommend the leap if your Spirit is making that call. You damn well deserve it.”

— Sarah

“When I found the coaching program, I was focused on elevating my art practice professionally while moving into a new home and transition into a new job. I was ready to take that leap even though I knew there were so many other things in life that I had to juggle, on top of being a mother and partner. Since I saw Liv as an artist/creator in her own way, of Ina Wellness Collective, and I knew she would be able to guide me towards engaging with the community in my role as an artist. As a result of the program I was able to create a schedule that works for me where I could be an artist, take care of myself and my family, maintain my day job, while making time for rest and recharge. I was able to nurture some of my friendships, family relationships and create new relationships with the community. I learned that small joyful rituals, creating space for pause and reflection, and slow movement if done daily were powerful actions for me to nurture myself. Rest to receive became my mantra, which was difficult because I learned that I was conditioned to think that my worth was affiliated with my accomplishments. I was able to create special spaces in my new home and move in smoothly, have a healthy work/life balance, and gained many art opportunities along the way. Few of them include showing my paintings at the Guam Museum and UOG Isla Center, becoming a feature for a small artist documentary, and being able to share my story as an artist in the local newspaper. These are all things I never imagined I would accomplish during the 6 months of the program. In turn I am full of so much gratitude. I would recommend this program because you are provided with a well-resourced toolkit based on your goals, you are given guidance and space to explore the root of your emotions, and you’re encouraged to practice small healthy habits that will last long beyond the program is over. If you want something simpler, Liv is so flexible and great at designing the program to fit your needs. The entire program was structured and designed for me by Liv, and the whole experience became so beneficial, healing, and rewarding.”

— Geraldine

“I met Liv attending my first Ina Wellness Full Moon Flow in April of this year. I felt drawn to her energy and knew I wanted to connect with her somehow in my wellness journey. When she later announced her coaching program, I was hesitant, but knew that I wanted to break free from the spiraling mindset I was caught up in—not knowing what ‘healthy’ looked like outside of being a former athlete. My initial goals for the program were to focus on my relationship with food and my body, movement outside of strict, intensive exercises, and to show up for the people that I love. With Liv’s guidance to help me reach these goals, I felt empowered in day-to-day decisions and inspired to follow where my interests led me…because everything is connected. In addition, she always advocated that change looks different for everyone, so she will show up in anyway that I needed. This sentiment lifted any and all pressure of growth being forced or made out of obligation. The progress I saw each week was natural, creative, and truly of my own making! I no longer hesitate around food and love being in the kitchen. I discovered a passion for rising rituals, walking, and yoga. I continually reflect on those who are energy givers and energy drainers. But most of all, my pace and outlook to life has shifted—I breathe in…I breathe out—knowing my existence in this realm is enough and that I am valued by those around me. My wellness journey does not end here. I recommend this program to anyone feeling overwhelmed, lost, and unbalanced. Liv will help you build personalized strategies for your journey and meet you with a kindness that amplifies the light within.”

— Harmony

“The months with Liv zoomed by, but left me with tools to ensure that I am prepared to take care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Balance is something that I will always be striving for and will take continual work, but what sessions have taught me is to grant myself some grace and pick things back up. You aren’t going to have the perfect diet, exercise regime or mental space all the time, but being kind to yourself for your imperfections and being able to get back into routines that serve you is what is important. I highly recommend working with Liv if you are looking for something beyond a diet and workout plan. She customizes sessions based on your needs, wants and interests and helps you to discover what you need to be happy and successful at reaching your goals. I continually felt supported and never judged.”

— Samantha

“First off, I am glad that I made the investment to take my life back. Before starting the holistic wellness coaching program, I felt as if I was just surviving day by day rather than LIVING each day to the fullest. I could not continue putting everyone else’s needs before mine or pour from an empty cup. I have learned to work towards attaining my goals in small portions, which has transformed my lifestyle, energy levels, and mindset. Change can be a scary feeling. It was with Liv’s support and guidance that allowed me to dive deep into the root causes of the fears that were creating barriers and holding me back. Although the program has ended, Liv has instilled the necessary steps to continue my wellness journey. What I greatly appreciate about the structure of the program is that a lot of my achievements were self-discovered by following through with the provided resources, continued guidance, and weekly activities. I became committed to creating space and opportunities to allow happiness into my life. This newfound commitment highly contributed to my goal of becoming more self-aware and self-motivated. There were moments of weakness where I allowed the self-sabotaging thoughts surface but with the tools and resources provided to me, I was able to overcome those thoughts and realign my mindset. To actually see progress physically and mentally, has been the most exhilarating feeling. There is no greater feeling than the sense of fullness, presence, and just being alive! This entire experience has been extremely impactful and meaningful to also my family, friends, and all that I have encountered.

I also enjoyed being introduced to the Ina Wellness Collective events and community. Each experience has lit up my mind, body, and soul. Especially the Autumn Awakening Retreat. I was surrounded with like minded individuals who inspired me to stay motivated and love myself inside and out. I left the event feeling on cloud nine. Each event that I attend has given me the opportunity to slow down and be present for myself. I have learned to be patient and listen to my body through yoga and meditation. I will be forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be guided and supported by Liv and the Ina Wellness community.

Thank you again for giving me a reason to live again. ”

— Jamie


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