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The finest cuisine and the most amazing cultural revue in the western Pacific.

Fish Eye Marine Park Cultural Dinner Show

Take pleasure in our dinner buffet of sumptuous, satisfying island cuisine. We feature many regional dishes uniquely enhanced by Fish Eye’s highly skilled chefs. Combine this with our exciting and unrivaled island cultural show performed by Fish Eye’s legendary Mana-hune dance group. Soak in the ambiance of the Garden Restaurant’s lagoon, waterfall, and lush tropical plants. This unforgettable experience is a feast for the senses!

  • Savor a skillfully prepared meal exemplifying the delicious local and regional island flavors in our open-air theater restaurant. And absorb yourself in the ambiance of our tropical garden and man-made lagoon while live island music gently plays in the background.
  • Heighten your experience by upgrading to the deluxe package, a full course menu with tenderloin steak and lobster dishes at premium seating.
  • Island-themed show complete with fire dancers, warrior chants, elegant female performances, live singing, and live musicians
  • For a better view of the performance, premium seating is available by selecting a Basic course with premium seating or a Deluxe package.
  • Discover over 200 species of fish and enjoy magnificent sunset at the Fish Eye Underwater Observatory. (Optional)
  • Hotel Transfers (optional for a small extra fee)

It is recommended to add the Underwater Observatory viewing option to experience the beautiful marine life in the bay. Stroll back along the pier as the sun sets. At the entrance of Fish Eye Marine Park Visitor Center, you will find genuine Pacific artifacts in the form of wood Tiki statutes. Our dancers will also be on hand to welcome you. You will be escorted to your seat at Fish Eye Garden Restaurant, a very unique open-air theater restaurant, which has a waterfall, manmade lagoon, and island stage surrounded by lush tropical plants. Relax and soak in the tropical ambiance created by the unique lighting of the tropical garden. Live music of island tunes will be performed by our strolling artists while you enjoy your favorite drink. Savor a skillfully prepared meal exemplifying the delicious local and regional island flavors in our open-air theater restaurant. Then the call of the Pacific is heard and the island show starts. Starting with an inspiring dramatic opening, you will see songs and dances from many of the islands in the North and South Pacific including Guam, Micronesia, Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand. Hulas, hakas, fire dances, machete dances, singing, and live music makes this an amazing spectacle you will never forget. Get your photo taken with the dancers, relax in the spacious amphitheater and take plenty of photos. 

  • Fountain drinks (selected soft drinks) are included in the buffet, however, alcohol and other drinks will be separately charged.
  • Photos or video intended for private use is allowed during the show as long as the flash is turned off.
  • Complimentary mosquito repellent is available for your use
  • Free-Wi-Fi connection is available in Fish Eye Marine Park. 

Trip Planning

  • Please dress in island shirts or summer dresses to celebrate your memorable night on the tropical island of Guam. 
  • Bring a thin cardigan or jacket to wear if you are sensitive to the cold temperature of the air-conditioned bus

Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation charge applies BEFORE 5 pm on 2 days prior to the tour day
  • AFTER 5 pm, 2 days prior to the tour date – a Cancellation or Reduction of participating pax will be charged 50% of the total tour fee.   
  • AFTER 5 pm 1 day prior to the tour date – a Cancellation or Reduction of participating pax will be charged 100% of the total tour fee.       

Hotel Transfer

  • Hotel Transfer can be added with a minimal fee for various hotels located in Tumon and Agana Bay area in the advance arrangement.        
  • Leo Palace guests will be picked up from Guam Plaza Hotel except for a group of 8 paying adults. In return, we provide direct transportation to Leo Palace.        
  • Please be at the designated meeting place 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.        
  • As this is a shared transfer, please be patient in case of unforeseen delays along the pickup route.


Basic Dinner Course


  • Shrimp Kelaguen
  • Chicken Kelaguen
  • Hawaiian Poke
  • Marinated Mussels


Salad Station
  • Caesar Salad
  • Green Salad


  • Clam Chowder with Roll Bread


Hot Dish
  • Rib Eye Steaks
  • French Fries
  • Fried Seafood with Tartar Sauce
  • Chicken Wing with Lemon flavor
  • Mini Hamburg with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Beef Curry & Steamed Rice
  • Paella (Spanish Seafood Rice)


Cold Dish
  • Cold Noodle with Toppings


  • Assorted Fresh Fruits
  • Ice Cream

Island Cultural Dinner Show


Q.What is the attraction of the show?

A.Fish Eye Island Cultural Show brings a true and live performance of a unique cultural experience from all over the Pacific Islands.

Q.Can I arrange for a special celebration?

A.With advance requests, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any celebrations, celebrants are presented with a serenade with songs during dinner time. A cake and flesh flower leis are also available for an additional fee with advance request.

Q.Is there enough time for dinner? Is there a suitable menu for children?

A.With approximately 1 hour for dining, there is ample time for dinner. The buffet includes menu items favored by children.

Q.Are drinks included?

A.Self service fountain soft drinks are included. However, alcohol and other beverages such as fresh fruit juice may be ordered and will be charged separately.

Q.Are we allowed sitting anywhere?

A.Seats will be assigned in advance and our waitstaff will escort you to your table upon your arrival.

Q.May I request to be seated where there is a better view of the show?

A.Seating requests are not accepted however you may upgrade your seat with the “Deluxe” course or “Basic dinner with Premium Seating” course

Q.Can special dietary arrangements are made to suit those with allergies or for vegetarians

A.We are unable to accommodate special diet needs however there are many menu selections in our buffet that you may choose from.

Q.Can I bring my beverage or food?

A.Outside food and beverage are not allowed however if it is necessary for strict dietary requirements, please consult with the Fish Eye reservation office ahead of time.

Q.How long is the show program?

A.60 minutes of Island-themed show complete with a fire dance, warrior chants, elegant female performances, live singing, and musicians

Q.Is the show program always the same?

A.For the love and passion of the show, our inspiring entertainment team is constantly thinking of new ideas to perpetually bring the show to a higher level.  Through their vision, the show programs are continuously updated and replaced.

Q.What is the dress code for the show?

A.We recommend light summer clothes to enjoy the ambiance of the open-air restaurant surrounded by a manmade lagoon and luscious tropical plants.

Q.Are there any problems with mosquitos or flies in the Fish Eye Garden Restaurant?

A.Although the restaurant is open air, fly activity will usually cease after sundown. Mosquitos seldom cause any problem however free use of mosquito repellant is available at the reception area for the customer’s use.

Q.May I take pictures or videos of the show?

A.Absolutely YES! Fish Eye has an open policy and is happy that pictures be taken for the private purpose to record your wonderful time at Fish Eye. However, the use of a flash is strictly prohibited as it may interfere with the entertainer’s performance.

Q.Are commercial photo/video taking of the show allowed?

A.Advance arrangement is required. Please contact the Fish Eye reservation office for details.

Q.Is there a smoking section available inside the restaurant?

A.Guam law prohibits smoking in restaurants. A designated smoking area is available outside of the restaurant.

Q. Are transportation services available from my hotel?

A. Hotel Transfer can be added with a minimal fee for major hotels in the Tumon and Agana bay area with advance arrangements.

Q. I am staying at a Guest House, can a transportation service be arranged?

A. It is necessary to arrange an exclusive transfer service in advance with an additional fee for locations other than designated hotels.

Q. Is it possible to be dropped off from a different location than my pick-up location?

A. Yes, as long as both places are designated locations however please inform us in advance.

Q. Can I be dropped off at a shopping mall on my way back to my hotel?

A. Unfortunately none of the shopping malls are designated locations however we can assist you in arranging a taxi.

Q. Members of my group are staying at different hotels, can we arrange transportation from multiple locations?

A. Yes you may arrange for different pick-up/drop-off locations by booking separate reservations for groups staying at different hotels.

Q.I booked my reservations without the transfer service. Can I just show up at any of the designated pick-up locations?

A. For efficiency purposes the transportation bus will only stop at designated locations where pick-up service is requested. Please contact us in advance to arrange your transportation.

Q. Are there any cancellation fees if I cancel my tour?

A. No cancellation charge applies BEFORE 5 pm on 2 days prior to the tour day, however, AFTER 5 pm on 2 days prior to the tour date – a Cancellation or Reduction of participating pax will be charged 50% of the total tour fee, and AFTER 5 pm on 1 day before the tour date – a Cancellation or Reduction of participating pax will be charged 100% of the total tour fee.

Q. When do I have to make the payment for my booking?

A. An advance payment is required to book your reservations.

The early explorers of the Pacific Ocean faced the many dangers of the open sea, extreme weather, and the unknown of new territories in their journeys. But they were brave and developed a sophisticated type of navigation using the stars, the sea, and even the clouds. The experience, knowledge, and navigational skills of the Pacific voyagers, gained over time, were essential in voyaging the Pacific, the largest body of water on Earth. When modern ships came along, many islanders lost these skills, but those in the Micronesian outer islands of Yap State near Guam retained and passed down their knowledge. About 30 years, a movement took place in Hawaii and Mau Pialug of Satawal Island went to Hawaii to help native Hawaiians relearn these skills. Thanks to him, star navigation has been revived and many Pacific islanders in the north and south Pacific are now learning to once again ply the seas using only Mother Nature.

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