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“The Full Moon Flow was an amazing experience. To share mindful movement with a beautiful sound bath, coupled with like minded people and a unique and tasty drink made it quite the evening for me. Liv’s guidance made for a balanced flow of ease and strength, and I felt so good after. Ina Wellness is doing it exactly right and I’ll definitely be attending future events!”

— Elizabeth

“My journey to self-care started with the Beginner Yoga Series. It’s also been a way for me to reconnect with my late mother as I never understood her love for yoga until I experienced it. As an introvert, this space allows me to spend time with my thoughts and recharge my energy. I always look forward to their magical events.”

— Tania

“I attended the Inner Balance- A New Moon Sound Bath Meditation, which was also my first Ina Wellness event. The beautiful and relaxing ambience of the environment immediately captivated my inner peace. The sound bath and setting my intentions for the new moon was rejuvenating. I left the event feeling enlightened with my inner peace and ready to take the steps to putting my intentions to work.”

— Jamie

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