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Best things to do in Guam this Summer

Best things to do in Guam this Summer!

Beaches and Watersports:** Enjoy the beautiful beaches, clear waters, and opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and more.

There are so many great restaurants, tours, activities, and hidden adventures on the island. We hope to help guide you to some of life’s greatest memories while you enjoy all that Guam has to offer.

Guam is a slice of paradise located in the middle of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. With a plethora of pristine beaches, lush green forests, and clear sparkling waters that seem to go on forever, it is an idyllic destination for vacationers. To make the most of a trip to Guam, visitors should explore every corner of this beautiful island.

Kick-off your trip with a visit to Tumon Bay, where the breathtaking ocean views and the bustling nightlife will leave you spellbound. Don’t forget to visit Chamorro Village to get a real taste of the island’s cultural heritage. This village is home to a vibrant market where you can try local delicacies while enjoying traditional dance performances.

From there, indulge your adventurous side by renting kayaks or snorkeling equipment and exploring the captivating underwater world of places like the Two Lovers Point and Ritidian Beach. Alternatively, you can hike through the dense forests and marvel at spectacular waterfalls at Tarzan Falls.

Discover Guam’s wartime history with a visit to the War in the Pacific National Historical Park which features historic war sites and sheds light on the pivotal American-led Pacific campaign. For those cultural enthusiasts, we definitely recommend a visit to the Valley of the Latte. A local outdoor guided tour that offers Jungle Riverboat Cruises, Kayaking, and Paddle Boarding tours to Guam’s largest Replica Guma (Ancient CHamoru house) and an ancient Latte site hidden deep within the Talo’fo’fo River Valley. This tour includes a journey to over 4,000 years of history, culture, and beauty, and is a definite must-see while on island. 

Unwind and relax on the beautiful coastline, take part in cultural immersion or hike through forests- Guam offers everything one could hope for in an ideal summer getaway destination.

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