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Beaches on Guam Klick Discover

Welcome to Paradise!

Why do we love tropical beaches? Could it be the soothing salt water, calming waves, or the company we bring with us to soak up the sun? Whatever your answer, Guam is world famous for providing a long list of white sand beaches. Some require a little more effort to reach with mile long hikes through green jungles that engulf the senses and others barely require the most comfortable of sandals as you are transported from resort lined shores to calm cooling waters.

Although every beach has its adventurous side, we do advise that every visitor heed local advisories and bring proper footwear when trekking over rocky sections to more secluded shores.

Klick Discover Tips: Always check the weather and ALWAYS BRING SUNSCREEN! Many beaches off the beaten path could be closed due to weather or ocean conditions. Relaxing tropical beaches are known to help you disconnect and lose track of time. The more time you spend in the tropical sun, the more sunscreen you’ll need.

List of beaches:

Ritidian Point Beach Guam  

  • Access: Public
  • Hours: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Location: MV36+G3F, Yigo, Guam
  • Good For: Swimming, Snorkeling
  • Amenities: Portable Toilets
  • Watch-out: Road conditions to get here can be rough. Possible Strong Currents. Some rocky shallows.

Travel to the northernmost point of Guam! This beach offers inviting white sands and is great for swimming, snorkeling, and getting away from the crowds.  You will be sure to enjoy clean sands, clear waters, and secluded serene scenery. This beach is located by the 1,203-acre Guam National Wildlife Refuge and home to many indigenous flora and fauna. If you decide to spend a few hours at this great spot, bring a change of gear and check out some of the nature trails. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to bring food, plenty of water, sunscreen, and all items you might need to enjoy the entire day.

Tarague Beach Guam

  • Access: Restricted: Anderson Air Force Base. Access and Use by permit only.
  • Phone: 1.671.366.5197
  • Hours: Open Daily
    • Bamboo Willies: Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
    • Tarague Beach Lifeguard Patrol: Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • Location: Tarague Beach, Andersen AFB Yigo, Guam
  • Good For: Swimming, Camping.
  • Amenities: Pavilions, Campsites, Bathroom Facilities.
  • Watch-out:
    • Rocky reefs.
    • Water Entry is only allowed inside the orange buoyed swim zone.
    • Absolutely no water entry during hours of darkness or when a Red Flag is posted.
    • Never swim alone. Always ensure that you have a swim buddy.
    • No pets are allowed on any of the beach areas or in the campsites.
    • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Fishing is allowed by permit only. Permits are $12 at Outdoor Recreation.
    • *Information subject to change. Contact the Outdoor Recreation office at 671.366.5197 for more information and reservations.

A beautiful beach on Andersen Air Force Base, so access is restricted. There is ample room on land for kids, family, and friends to enjoy perfect sandy shores. The set up is perfect for some beach Volleyball, games, and great for work or family gatherings. As the soft warm white sands beckon on land, be sure to take care of your feet when venturing into the waters.

Taga'chang Beach guam beaches to visit Taga’chang Beach guam beaches to visit

  •  Access: Public.
  • Hours: Safest during daylight hours.
  • Location: CQ3J+RGV, Yona, Guam
  • Good For: Swimming and snorkeling in the calm waters within the reef.
  • Amenities: Bathrooms (not-in the best condition)
  • Watch-out:
    • Rocky reefs.
    • Do not go beyond the reef the waters can be treacherous.

As with most beaches along the Eastern shores of the island, there is a rocky reef that provides a calm swimming area that is shallow and perfect for little kids and families. The beach, the views, and the waters are beautiful with natural tide pools. A great place for early secluded mornings with an amazing opportunity to catch great sunrises. Taga’chang Beach is truly a gem with white sands, geologic views, and a quiet and serene getaway that will provide a gorgeous back drop for picnics, small gatherings, and a romantic stop. Please be careful of the potentially treacherous waters just beyond the reef breaks and do what you can to keep the area clean when you visit.

  • Access: Public.
  • Location: 111 4, Talofofo, 96915, Guam
  • Good For: A seaside meal with a unique glimpse into Guam’s History.
  • Amenities: Jeff’s Pirates Cove Beach Bar and Restaurant.
    • Mon-Wed 10 AM to 6 PM
    • Fri 10 AM to 7 PM
    • Sat – Sun 9 AM to 7 PM


Located in the beautiful southern village of Talo’fo’fo, Togcha Bay has a unique combination of history, beauty, and a Beach Bar and Restaurant complete with a Ship bar. If you take a stroll around the island a visit Togcha Bay is a perfect stop. Here you will find a Japanese Machine Gun Bunker from WWII, a seaside museum, and the chance to relax with a delicious plate of food and a refreshing beer.

  • Access: Public.
  • Location: 8QVC+3HH, 4, Talofofo, Guam
  • Good For: Swimming and snorkeling in the calm waters within the reef.
  • Amenities: No bathrooms or pavilions.
  • Watch-out:
    • Access road is rough. Proper vehicle required.

A picturesque, cozy, and sandy lagoon protected from the ocean waves by the reef. The waters are perfectly calm and welcoming for all ages to enjoy a safe day swimming and snorkleing. The beach is small and provides a private feel, but can become fairly crowded on weekends and holidays. As there are no amenities, please bring what you’ll need for the day and remember to keep the area clean and pristine for the next visitor.

  • Access: Public
  • Location: 111 4, Talofofo, 96915, Guam
  • Good For: Swimming, Snorkeling, Park for picnics
  • Amenities: Parking, Water Access, Bathrooms, Covered Areas, Benches, Picnic Tables, Grills.

Located just south of Jeff’s Pirates Cove, Ipan Beach and Ipan Beach Park has a number of public Pavilions, benches, bathrooms, picnic tables and areas, bathrooms, grills, a dedicated parking area, and open grass fields. As you drive around the eastern side of the island, this provides a great and easy way to park and take a short walk to a very accessible white sand shoreline with calm waters for swimming and snorkeling. As with most parts of the island, there are historical remnants of the World War II era. After World War II, Camp Dealy was constructed in Ipan and served as a recreational areas for military personnel.

Talofofo Bay Beach Guam

This beach can have a variation of colors from white sand to brown mineral silt and depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and time of day, it can even have a green hue. The green sands are a rare occurrence due to the Olivine (a greenish mineral that is a complex silicate of magnesium and iron), but with the potential hues on the shorelines, the surf breaks, and the limestone and rocky surrounds, Talofofo Beach and Bay is a must stop on your island tour. Talofofo Bay is also a low0lying inlet for one of Guam’s only navigable rivers, which brings up a great island experience. The Valley of the Latte Adventure Park is directly across the Bay at the entrance to the Talofofo River. Adventurers of all ages will be treated to Adventure River Cruises, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding tours, delicious local foods, and more at Guam’s premier outdoor Cultural Center.

  • Access: Public
  • Location:4, Inarajan, Guam
  • Good For: Swimming, Snorkeling
  • Amenities: Covered sitting areas, BBQ Pits, Diving Platform
  • Watch-out: Temporarily Closed

Inarajan Pools present a truly unique and must see location on Guam. Natural ring-shaped pools have been formed by coral reefs. Calm waters await visitors while the rougher ocean waters are choppy. This provides a truly remarkable place to swim and enjoy coastal views right on the ocean front. Even if you don’t pack your swim gear, you should try to stop by for scenic photos of crashing waves, calm swimming holes, and coral formations that create unique geologic features.

Atao Beach is just a few miles south of Inarajan Pools and just past Bear Rock. It provides a nice secluded beach front for visitors to sit and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.

  • Access: Public beach
  • Location: Hwy 2, Agat, Guam
  • Good For: Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Snorkeling
  • Amenities: Parking, Bathroom
  • Watch-out: Bathrooms are not readily open and accessible

Just south of the Agat Marina, this beach park offers a great location to relax, go for walks, or morning jogs and watch ships come and go from the Marina. While the bathrooms are not always open to the public, it is still a nice open area to have gatherings or just visit on your trip around the island.

Taga'chang Beach
Tarague Beach Guam
Ritidian Point Beach Guam
beaches to visit on guam
beaches to visit on guam
beaches to visit on guam
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