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A perfect weekend in guam for family

A Perfect Family Weekend in Guam

Planning the perfect family weekend getaway is important because it provides an opportunity for family members to bond and create lasting memories. A well-planned weekend getaway can help relieve stress, build strong relationships, and improve communication between family members. Additionally, it gives families a chance to explore new places, try new things, and experience different cultures. By taking a break from day-to-day life, families can rejuvenate and recharge, which can lead to improved mental and physical well-being. Proper planning is essential to ensure that the getaway is enjoyable and meets everyone’s needs and preferences. IA successful family weekend getaway can create cherished memories and strengthen family bonds for years to come.

So we’ve put together a 4 day weekend plan to help you manage.

Must-Try Activities and Destinations

Day 1: Start with a tour of the Tumon Bay Marine Preserve, where the whole family can swim and snorkel with a variety of marine life. Afterward, spend the afternoon at the Ypao Beach Park with paddleboarding, kayaking, and beach games. For dinner, head to GPO for a delicious meal and some shopping.

Day 2: Visit the Guam Memorial Park and Museum in the morning to learn about Guam’s history and culture. After lunch, make the trip around the island taking in the perfect instagramable spots for the family to capture moments to last a lifetime. From Spanish Era cannons to secluded white sand beaches, there’s a that perfect moment waiting for you. In the evening, catch a magic show at the Sandcastle Guam Theater and take some pictures with the performers.

sand castle guam

Day 3: Start the day with a hike up to Mount Lamlam, the highest peak on Guam. After returning to the hotel for some rest, head to the Pacific Islands Club for an afternoon of fun-filled activities, including water sports, mini-golf, and pool games. For dinner, visit the Chamorro Village Night Market for local food and festivities.

Day 4: Head to the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park for an Adventure River Cruise that takes you deep into the heart of the lush jungles of Southern Guam. The guided tour takes you to an ancient CHamoru village complete with the island’s largest replica Guma (ancient CHamoru home), Latte Stones that are thousands of years old, great local food, carabao rides, and more! Then head to Fish Eye Marine Park for a cultural dinner show or get there a little bit early for a costume and observatory experience!

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