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Proud partner of USO Guam.

Stores at the Micronesia Mall

Shop Guide at the Micronesia Mall Guam

All Stores at the Micronesia Mall Men’s Clothing (15) ABC STORES Location: 1F/C3 Phone: 1 (671) 637-2444 BENCH/ Location: 1F/C4 Phone: 1 (671) 637-2624 CROOK Location: 1F/C3 Phone: 1 (671) […]

Beaches on Guam

Welcome to Paradise! Why do we love tropical beaches? Could it be the soothing salt water, calming waves, or the company we bring with us to soak up the sun? […]

Places to Explore on Guam

Where to go on Guam. The best places to visit with klick discover

Popular things to do in Guam Go off road Drive a Buggy or ATV on the North Coast of Guam. Drive yourself or with a friend. Perfect for friends and […]

Top 10 Restaurants on Guam

klick discover guam local fare

Whether you are looking for the island’s best local bites, the romantic view for 2, or the best places for your weekend brunches, this list will guide your taste buds […]

The Valley of the Latte

The perfect family adventure at the Valley of the Latte Guam

Hafa Adai (Hello) Welcome to the Valley of the Latte! By booking with Klick Discover, members of our military community, USO patrons, and their families will enjoy an additional 10% […]

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